Day 76 – Hong Kong / Taipei / Fukuoka

We got up fairly early and started packing for our journey ‘home’ to Japan. Check-out wasn’t until 12pm so there was no rush there, but we did have our last fitting at the tailors to go to, so we needed to get everything ready before that.

We checked out at around 11am and left our suitcases with the hotel reception before heading off to Mr. Khan’s shop. The suits had been temporarily stitched up and were all ready for us to try on one more time and check for any last minute adjustments. They were all fine and so we gave Mr Khan the go ahead to finish the suits.

We headed back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and then grabbed a taxi to the airport. We arrived in plenty of time to check in and go through the security screening. We had another two part flight today – it took about an hour to reach Taipei, where we deboarded for an hour, and then an onward flight of about 2 hours to get to Fukuoka. We used the same plane, and this time we were given the choice whether we wanted to get off or wait on board! We decided to get off and stretch our legs for a bit.

We arrived in Fukuoka safely and a little ahead of time. Seio’s sister Sakiko, my best friend Kana, her son and husband had all come to meet us at the airport. It was great to see them all in person after 3 years…none of them had changed!! It was also the first time for me to meet Kana’s little boy Ryota, as he was born only a couple of weeks after I left Japan in 2006. He had seen me on the TV (PC screen!) but I don’t think he realized I was actually a real person! He is very sweet and even speaks English a little…I think he was a little embarrassed by all the attention he was receiving though (^^)> We had a little chat at the airport and arranged to catch up properly next week. As it was getting late, we decided to head back home to Seio’s house, which is about an hour and a bit drive from the airport. Sakiko drove us home in the family’s new car, so we arrived back in Yukuhashi in style (^^)v

Seio’s mum and dad were waiting at home to greet us and it was really good to see them looking so well. It was also nice to see some of our old stuff that we had left behind – very nostalgic!

We all had a nice cup of tea and a quick catch up, then had a hot bath and  went to bed – it’s nice to be at home(No.2) again.


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