Day 79 – Fukuoka

Woke up in a nice cosy bed with fluffy sheets and a nice pillow – this is more like it (^^)v

This morning, Seio and I went to visit  Mie-chan, my good friend and hairdresser extraordinaire! She did a great job as usual and made us both look and feel a bit more human after our long trip. (Thank you as always!) While we were at Mie’s place, we got to catch up on all the news and see Mie’s mum and sister who all work together in the family business. Mie’s nephew Yuuki has just returned from a soccer trip to Brazil and wants to become and international star player, although his mum and Mie are not entirely convinced! Mai-chan, Mie’s niece, on the other hand is studying hard at school and is continues to play the flute. Maybe she will have a future in music, who knows?

After visting Mie, Seio and I headed off to the City Hall – our old work place. There were quite a lot of new faces, but it was nice to see some old faces still mixed in there. We caught up with a couple of old work mates and had a little chat about our trip – apparently quite a lot of people have been checking our blog! We have arranged to meet up with the tennis circle and join them for their end of year party next week – that should be fun! I think there will be more drinker’s elbow than tennis elbow going on though (^^)v

I left Seio to catch up with some more of his workmates at City Hall, while I went off to visit my friend Chie for lunch. Chie picked me up at the station and we headed off to have some Merry-go-round Sushi. Even after living in japan for 12 years, I still actually don’t like raw fish, and have therefore never been to a Merry-go-round Sushi restaurant before..amazing I know!   So, today was my first time to try it and it was a lot of fun (^^)v The sushi arrived on a little boat and once you’d taken your plate of sushi, you pushed a red button and sent the boat back to the kitchen where it was reloaded with food! Apparently the kids love it….I must still be a big kid then, because I thought it was pretty cool too!

After we’d finished playing with the sushi boats, Chie and I had a look around the shops and bought a couple of things before going home. I got back at around 4pm but Seio was still at the City Hall catching up with some friends!! They must have had a lot to talk about (^^)>


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