Day 80 – Beppu

In the morning, Seio’s Aunt Taka-chan came around to the house to say hello. She is working hard these days as the head of the local women’s institute and has a lot of duties that keep her very busy. She also looks after her husband, Uncle Toshi, who was at our wedding in England almost years ago! We all chatted until mid-morning and then got ready to go out.

Today Sakiko drove us down to visit Seio’s relatives in Beppu, Oita prefecture. Unfortunately some of the children are in the midst of school entrance exams, and some of the adults had to work so they couldn’t all come, but we still got to meet up with Seio’s Aunt Michiko, his cousin Yoko and her sons Takkun and Haru-kun, as well as Seio’s cousin’s daughter, Yukimi-chan. Yukimi has just been accepted into an arts University in Kyoto and is off to study information design, so well done to her!

It was lovely to catch up with everyone, and as usual Aunt Michiko fed us very well – I think the car weighed a couple of kilos heavier on the way back home!!

When we got back to Yukuhashi, we popped in to see another one of Seio’s Aunts, Machiko and her husband Uncle Tom. Tom also came to our wedding back in Tewin in 2004.

I think we have drunk enough green tea and eaten enough cakes to feed a whole army today…I daren’t get on the scales in case they break (^^)>


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