Day 81 – Yukuhashi / Fukuoka City

Seio got up and went for an early morning walk, whilst I had a more leisurely morning! When Seio got back from his walk, he helped his mum cut some citrus fruit from the trees in the garden – Kabosu (like a citron) and Hassaku (a variety of satsuma). I got ready to go to Fukuoka City to see my best buddy, Kana-chan. Kana was my maid of honor, and we have been friends for over 10 years – since my exchange year at Fukuoka University. She is called Kana because she was born in Canada!!

Sakiko drove me to the station, where I caught the express train to Hakata, and then Kana, her husband Kazumitsu and their 3 year old son, Ryota, picked me up and took me back to their apartment. We stopped off to buy some food for the evening meal at the local supermarket. Another one of my food requests was for Kana’s Japanese Nabé – a stew like dish that is full of vegetables, tofu, chicken etc.

I think little Ryota must have been a bit exhausted from the day, because he fell asleep on the carpet soon after dinner!!

Kana and I had a long chat and caught up on three years of events, before calling it a night and heading off to bed.


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