Day 82 – Fukuoka City

Kazumitsu was up early and had already left for work by the time the rest of us had surfaced! Kana, Ryota and I had breakfast and got ready to take Ryota off to his nursery for a couple of hours.

Ryota is about to change nursery schools, and so his best friend Keigo was coming in especially to have a last play-date with Ryota.

Kana and I left Ryota at the nursery and came back to the apartment for a coffee and a chat. We stopped off to buy a jacket for Kana at one of the local clothes stores on the way. After a couple of hours, we drove back to the nursery school to pick Ryota up. It was quite sad to see Ryota say goodbye to his friends and the teachers at the nursery – For a three year old it must be a little bit confusing, but you could see in his eyes, that he understood what was going on….ahhhh! I’m sure he will make lots of new friends at the next nursery though.

Back at the apartment, we had some lunch and although Ryota was meant to have a little nap, we ended up playing with cars and trains all afternoon. When Kazumitsu came back we all had some dinner and once again Ryota fell asleep on the sofa. Kazumitsu took him off to bed, and Kana and I relaxed with a  coffee and had another long chat – we had a lot to catch up on!!


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