Day 83 – Fukuoka City

Once again Kazumitsu had an early start and was gone by the time we all got up! Kana, Ryota and I had breakfast and then set off to meet up with Kana’s mum, Kimiko, for lunch at a restaurant near Hakata station. We had a Japanese winter dish called Shabu-Shabu, which is very thinly sliced pork boiled in a special broth with more vegetables and tofu etc. It is very healthy and very tasty – the Shabu-Shabu we had here was done in a collagen soup ….apparently we will all wake up with beautiful skin tomorrow!!!

Unfortunately Kana’s dad, Kensuke, couldn’t  make it today due to a bad cold, but I chatted to him on the phone later in the evening so that was nice.

It was lovely to catch up with Kana and her family, and to meet little Ryota and get to know him. Hopefully our next visit will be sooner than 3 years!!

Seio’s sister, Sakiko, was working nearby today and was able to pick me up from Kana’s place and drive us back to Yukuhashi in the evening.

It took about 1 and a half hours to get home, and after a hot bath it was straight to bed.


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