Day 84 – Yukuhashi City

We had a relaxing morning, before heading out in the early afternoon to meet up with my friend Ayumi and her parents. Ayumi had just had her first baby about a week before I left Japan in 2006. Now, her son Toki is 3 years old and she has also has a lovely little daughter called Sayu. It was nice to catch up with Ayumi’s mum and dad as well. They took good care of me and fed me lots when I was working at the City Hall Board of Education with Ayumi. Another friend, Junko, also came round to say hello. It was like old times!

Ayumi’s mum and dad run an off-license and they gave us a huge bottle of Sake to take back home for my dad!! Hope it fits in the suitcase (^^)> otherwise we might have to drink it here, sorry dad!!

In the evening, I went out into town to have dinner with a teacher friend from school, Akemi. Akemi also came to my wedding with her mum and aunt. We met up at a place called Hana-Tare and had some lovely food whilst catching up on all the gossip from school. It was good to see Akemi again and hear all her latest news.


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