Day 86 – Munakata City / Yukuhashi City

We got up early this morning, and Sakiko drove us to Seio’s Uncle’s house in Munakata City. Fortunately the snow hadn’t really settled and although the mountains were still covered, the roads were all clear. It took us about 2 hours to reach our destination, but Uncle Yuki and Aunt Toshiko were very pleased to see us. Seio’s cousin’s wife has just had a baby girl, so the family is quite busy now, but his other son Taichi (aged 6) came over for the afternoon and we played some games together. Toshiko had to go to work in the afternoon, but Yuki-san entertained us and tried to help me beat Taichi at Othello!! I did win one game, but then the rules started to change…….

We left Uncle Yuki’s house about 3 o’clock and popped in to the Toyota showroom to see Seio’s cousin for a chat.

Once we got back to Yukuhashi, it was a quick turnaround for me and Seio as we had arranged to meet up with the City Hall tennis club for their Xmas party.

We went to have some Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ restaurant) and enjoyed meeting up with some familiar faces again.

After the first party had finished, some of us went into town for a second party – more drinking and some karaoke!! I felt a little old again after I saw that 3 of my ex-students were now working behind the bar – all now aged 21!!

I hadn’t sung for a while, and so my rendition of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, sounded a little the worse for wear – thanks to the beer goggles though I don’t think many people noticed (^^)v

After Seio was invited to sing Wham’s Last Christmas, we all decided to call it a night and go home…nothing to do with Seio’s singing of course!!!


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