Day 87 – Yukuhashi City

This morning we met up with my old work pal Steve, from Hawaii, his wife Nao-chan and their two lovely little girls, Katie and Emily.

Steve and I used to work together at the local Board of Education and shared the English teaching at 6 local junior high schools. He now works for a private school, and has to commute to Fukuoka City every day, which seems like quite hard work in itself. Steve and Nao’s first daughter, Katie was only about 6 months old when I left Japan, but is now a fully conversational 3 and a half year old. Although Steve and Nao are trying hard to raise the kids to be bilingual, since katie has started nursery she seems to prefer speaking Japanese, as that’s what her friends use!! I think Steve might have a job on his hands there (^^)> Little Emily on the other hand, likes to paint, throw strawberries and pour water on the floor – she generally likes to keep her mummy and daddy very busy!! Steve and Nao are currently planning their annual Christmas visit to Hawaii to see Steve’s family, so it was nice to catch them just in time before they jetted off!

In the afternoon, I met up with another 2 of my good friends, Akane and Shigeyo. The three of us have been friends for a long time – we used to be drinking buddies in Yukuhashi, but since we first met, we have all gotten married, settled down, stopped drinking and smoking, moved away from Yukuhashi and Shige-chan has had two children! It was nice to have a good old catch -up on what had been going on over the last three years. Nothing much had changed, but it was good to get together again (^^)v

In the evening, Seio’s relatives came over to the house for some dinner and a chat. Seio’s cousin’s daughter, Ai-chan, is studying English at school now and is saving up to come to England for a visit some day!

It was nice to see everyone, and Taeko cooked me some more of my favorite Japanese fried chicken and potato salad again….I think she might be trying to bribe me into staying!!


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