Day 90 – Tokyo / Utsunomiya City / Nikko

We got up and got ready to go to Utsunomiya City to meet another teaching friend of Seio’s called Shino-chan. Shino-chan lives in Utsunomiya City, the same as Seio’s last name, and she had offered to show us around and take us to Nikko as well. We took the subway to Ueno and then rode the Shinkansen (Bullet train) from Ueno to Utsunomiya City. The journey took about 1 and a half hours altogether. Although we had never been to Utsunomiya City before, it felt quite familiar as our name was on all the street signs and restaurant adverts!!

Utsunomiya City is famous for its Gyo-za (Pork & Vegetable crescent-shaped dumplings) and so we had some of those for lunch at a restaurant called Utsunomiya Min-Min. Both before and after lunch, Shino-chan took us to see some of the sights in Utsunomiya City, including Futa-Ara-Yama Shrine, and Utsunomiya Castle. After lunch we drove to Nikko, a beautiful ski resort town about 40 minutes from Utsunomiya City. The mountains were covered with snow, and the sun’s rays were shining through the trees – it really was a good day to visit Nikko.

In the evening we returned to Shino-chan’s place to have dinner with her and her husband To-ru-san. Unfortunately To-ru-san had to work late and so we didn’t get to speak to him much…may be next time!!

Shino and To-ru dropped us off at the station at around 10:30pm and we caught the last bullet train of the day back to Tokyo.

It was a short metro ride back to our hotel and we were in bed by 12:30am – Another long, but very enjoyable day! Thanks Shino-chan xx


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  1. いいね楽しそう!参加したかったよ!またいつか一緒できたらいいね★

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