Day 92 – Tokyo / London

We got up early this morning and had a spot of breakfast before checking out of the hotel and taking a taxi to Tokyo Station. From there we took the Narita Express train to Narita International Airport and arrived around 9am – in plenty of time for our flight to Heathrow at 11:00am. Check-in was fine and our suitcases were just in the allowed weight zone, so no charges incurred this time (^^)>

We flew home with British Airways on a 747-400, so nice and comfortable and a fairly smooth ride all the way. The video screens on the block of seats we were sitting in were apparently not working, and so we were moved in to business class after the first couple of hours!! It was quite a nice way to end our amazing 3 month adventure – and we even arrived on time as well!

Mum and dad came to pick us up from Terminal 5 in their new car and after we got past the first gridlock on the M25 we sailed home in no time. There seems to be more snow here than in Yukuhashi, but it feels a lot warmer here thanks to the central heating.

It has been a brilliant 3 months, but it’s always good to be home (^^)v

Looking forward to Xmas dinner tomorrow….


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