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Day 93 – Welwyn Garden City

I woke up fairly early this morning…not to check if Santa had been, but more of a jet-lag/body-clock kind of thing!!

We all had breakfast and a nice cup of coffee before opening our presents.

Mum and I spent most of the morning getting dinner prepared, although we did manage to sneak in a couple of glasses of sherry as we went!!

I was extremely naught today and had milk, wheat, gluten and probably egg too, although I gave up caring after the first couple of chocolates!! I think I’ll have to start behaving after Xmas….

Seio and I had really been looking forward to a traditional Xmas dinner and we both managed to eat a little bit too much…

(Note to self: Put diet at the top of New Year’s Resolution List!!)


92日目 Tokyo 〜 London


早起きして7時過ぎにチェックアウト。赤坂のホテル前からタクシーを拾い、東京駅まで行く。そこから成田エクスプレスに乗って成田空港へ。British Airways 受付でチェックインをして荷物を預ける。自分のスーツケースは制限の23kgを少し越えていたが、Aliの分が余裕があったためか特に何も言われずに済む。出発まで2時間近くあるのでゆったりと待つことができる。






Day 92 – Tokyo / London

We got up early this morning and had a spot of breakfast before checking out of the hotel and taking a taxi to Tokyo Station. From there we took the Narita Express train to Narita International Airport and arrived around 9am – in plenty of time for our flight to Heathrow at 11:00am. Check-in was fine and our suitcases were just in the allowed weight zone, so no charges incurred this time (^^)>

We flew home with British Airways on a 747-400, so nice and comfortable and a fairly smooth ride all the way. The video screens on the block of seats we were sitting in were apparently not working, and so we were moved in to business class after the first couple of hours!! It was quite a nice way to end our amazing 3 month adventure – and we even arrived on time as well!

Mum and dad came to pick us up from Terminal 5 in their new car and after we got past the first gridlock on the M25 we sailed home in no time. There seems to be more snow here than in Yukuhashi, but it feels a lot warmer here thanks to the central heating.

It has been a brilliant 3 months, but it’s always good to be home (^^)v

Looking forward to Xmas dinner tomorrow….

ご了承を- Please wait for our update!


Sorry for not updating our blog lately. We – mostly Ali  had been quite busy while we were staying Yukuhashi – Seio’s parents house . Anyway now we are Tokyo and we are off to London tomorrow! This is our last flight and we are looking forward to going back to England! We heard that Europe has got a plenty of snow and very cold lately. Hope our cold will not get worse when we get back. Our computer is full up now and therefore our final photos and also Ali’s English part will be updated when we get back home. Anyway we cannot wait for our Christmas dinner!  Yeah!   by Seio

91日目 Tokyo 神社巡り/皇居



Day 91 – Tokyo / The Emperor’s Birthday

We got up a little bit later this morning, and had breakfast before heading out to see some of the local shrines. We first made a stop at Meiji Shrine, before moving on to Yasukuni Shrine and then finally on to the Imperial Palace. Today was the Emperor’s birthday, and so we signed our names on the list to send our best wishes to him. There were quite stringent checks to enter the palace gardens today and we had both bag and body checks before we could enter!

It was quite nice weather again today – quite fresh but sunny as well.

After visiting the palace, we headed back to the hotel for a little break and a cup of tea!

In the evening we went out for Yakitori (Japanese style skewered kebabs) but ended up at a karaoke box singing Lily Allen and Sam Sparro, whilst chomping on soya beans and mixed nuts!! All good fun (^^)v Not particularly good for my sore throat and cold that I’ve been suffering from for the past couple of days, but I’ll have plenty of time to recover back in England…

After about an hour and a half of Michael Jackson, Queen and The Script, we headed home and Seio updated his blog, whilst I packed up my suitcase and then crashed out…..

90日目 Tokyo / Utsunomiya / Nikko