Suited and Booted and Ready to Roll!

Our suits and shirts have arrived from Hong Kong, so we are now all ready to hit the interviews at the beginning of next year….and start paying back the bills that have begun to come in from the holiday (^^)>


Day 73 – Singapore / Hong Kong

We got up early this morning and packed our suitcases ready for our flight to Hong Kong. We caught a taxi to Changi International Airport, and were given another guided tour by the driver on the way!  We arrived in plenty of time, and even had time to get the refunds on our tourist passes. After checking in our suitcases we took a little detour to the recently built Terminal 3 – a very fancy new terminal, a bit like Heathrow T5, with a 5 story high and 300m wide ‘Green Wall’ made up of various climbing plants and four waterfalls!!

Our flight was on time, although my seat apparently had ‘technical issues’ (whatever that means!) and so I was moved about 10 rows back from Seio.

It was quite a short flight – about 3 hours, but because it was a popular route, the planes was a huge Boeing 777-300, complete with entertainment system. I had an interesting meal…some kind of vegetarian oriental dish made up of tofu skiing or yuba?? Not really sure what I was eating, but it tasted quite nice. I also tried some durian fruit – very strange flavor, it tastes fruity yet smells of cheese!! Apparently you either love it or hate it – I’m afraid the jury’s out for me on that one!!

We arrived safely in Hong Kong at about 3pm, and were planning to get the shuttle bus into the city before we found out that today was the opening ceremony for the East Asia games 2009 and the roads were closed to buses around our hotel!! In the end we got a taxi – another F1 wannabe…I had to close my eyes a couple of times as we hammered along the motorway weaving in and out of the various lanes!

Our hotel is in the heart of the entertainment and restaurant district, just around the corner from Nathan Road.

After unpacking and taking a little rest, we headed into town to get something to eat. We ended up at a Vegetarian restaurant called Paramita, and had sweet and sour prawns, deep fired tofu with mushroom and carrot, and Fukin (Foo-kin!) style fried rice. It was all very nice – although some of the items on the menu, like vegetarian pork and stir-fried beef didn’t sound like your usual vegetarian fare (^^)> Seio finished off with an almond and soya milk dessert, and I helped him with that a little bit!

Food is quite reasonable here even at a more formal restaurant. I have been very naughty with food during our trip, and have at times suffered for that, but it has been worth it just to try all these different delicacies.

Later on we took a walk along Nathan Road and looked around the different shops – everything from expensive gold jewellery to fake Rolexes!

We were accosted by a custom tailor, and ended up being taken to his shop where he proceeded to show us some lovely linens and suit materials. My sister had some custom clothes made when a HK tailor came to London, and I was very interested in getting some clothes made while in Hong Kong. 2 hours later we had been measured and fitted for blouses, suits and trousers…we have a fitting on Monday afternoon! Everything moves so fast over here – blink and you have bought something!!

We got back to the hotel around 11pm and went straight to bed….tomorrow we will do some more sightseeing and some more eating (^^)v