Day 39 – Seattle

Last night the clocks went back an hour in the USA  – a little later than in the UK, and Seio and I didn’t realise until it was announced on the morning news! Since we had gained an extra hour without even trying, we spent the morning lazing around the hotel, then had some lunch and went out to explore downtown once more…We ended up having a really nice day, just walking along the sea front and the piers on Alaska Way.

I took loads of photos today simply because the conditions were perfect – clear skies and beautiful views – we could even see Mt Rainier quite clearly on the horizon!

I didn’t bring my ‘big’ camera & gear with me on this holiday – instead I brought my more compact Canon Powershot G10 and I must say it hasn’t disappointed me so far!

I have named this gallery ‘Sepia in Seattle’ ….






38日目 Seattle 市街散策

10月31日(土)曇りのち晴れ Cloudy with clear spells


Space Needle外は曇り空かと思いきや次第に晴れ間も広がり、それほど寒くない。宿から歩いて10分ほどで Seattleの目印、Space NeedleのあるSeattle Centre にやって来る。The Pacific Science Center や各種遊具などの施設が集まり、子供連れの家族を見かけるが、数はそれほど多くない。Space Needleの向かいにある建物は飲食店モールになっており、中に入るとその一角に椅子が並べられ小さな舞台が準備されている様子。周辺には奇抜な衣装やメイクをした人がうろついている。そう、今日はHalloween。そういえばホテルの従業員やScience Centreの係員も天使の羽を付けたり顔にペイントを施したりしていた。骸骨や魔女を十字に張り付けた飾りもよく見かける。建物の外ではラテンアメリカの男達が民族衣装をまとい民族音楽を奏でている。Public Market

Space Center をあとにしてモノレール沿いに歩いていくと、市街地へとつながり人通りも賑やかに。そのまま有名なPike Place Marketへと歩を進める。歴史ある地元のマーケットは鮮魚/シーフードをはじめ、果物や野菜、蜂蜜や手工芸品などの土産物を何でも売っている。Pike Place Fish Market色んなお店を見物しながら通りを行ったり来たりする。Pike Place Fish という魚屋では客が買った大きな魚を店員が店の前から中へ投げ込むパフォーマンスをやっており、その度に人だかりができている。なかなか活気のあるマーケットである。

Post Alley という通りを歩く途中、Pike Place Chowderというお店に出くわす。その名の通りチャウダー専門店で、クラムチャウダーを食べていく。シアトルNO.1の賞を獲得したという看板を掲げているが、なるほど美味しかった。既に作ってあるチャウダーを容器に注いで売りさばくだけなので、客も多いが回転も早くいい商売に違いない。この店でも男が一人は女装、もう一人は何故かサンタクロースのズボンをはいていた。

Halloweenでは堕天使やサタン、魔女などの格好をするのがこの祭りの特徴なのだろうが、かなり手の混んだ悪魔メイクをしている人をしばしば発見。ちょっと気持ち悪い。イギリスでも子供が “Trick or Treat?” を言いながら家を回る習慣はあるとはいえ、大人がメイクをしてまわることは滅多にないので文化の違いが見て取れる。その後も街の雰囲気を楽しみながら、あちこちで見かけるアウトドアショップに立ち寄りながら帰って来る。

I know children visit neighbours’ houses doing ” Trick or Treat?” in England as well. However it is quite rare in England for adults to put makeup on their face and dress as devils or witches . It just shows the difference of the two cultures and also shows how big an event Halloween is here in America.



It was the last day of October today. It always makes me feel that time is really flying by…

Day 38 – Seattle

SpaceNeedleGot up and had breakfast at the hotel – They had a waffle maker so Seio made himself some waffles with maple syrup and I had some gluten-free toast with peanut butter and jelly. I say jelly, because it really is jelly – not jam!! It was very nice though and gave us some energy to keep us warm while we were walking around outside. Actually it wasn’t that cold today – quite fresh with some spells of sunshine here and there.

SeattleCenterToday we walked to the Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located. There is a lovely park where you can buy your favourite ‘Starbucks’ beverage and sit and watch the world go by.

The Pacific Science Center is also within the park, and just before you reach the Science Center there is a mini fun fair – carousel and all!

The park wasn’t too busy today – a few people dressed in their Halloween costumes were walking around – there were also some scary looking Mexican people getting ready for a play to commemorate ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ – a Mexican & Latin American celebration that falls on All Saints Day and All Souls Day (Nov 1st and 2nd).

PikePlaceFishFrom the Seattle Center we followed the Monorail line in the direction of downtown and headed on towards the famous Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market is a Farmer’s Market that has been in operation since 1907 – You can find fresh fish & seafood, fruit & veg, and other local handcrafted goods.

HangingPeppersWe walked up and down the different sections of the markets trying to take everything in – there is so much on display that I think we might have to make a couple of visits!

Whilst walking down Post Alley, we came to Pike Place Chowder. Although the shop isn’t much to look at – it’s a cross between a market stall and a café – this place has won awards for its famous chowders. We had to stop and try it , so Seio ordered a small bowl of Clam Chowder and I had the Veggie Chowder, which was made with Coconut milk and Lime!! They were both delicious and really warmed us up…

As we were already downtown, we decided to check out a couple of the shops before heading back towards our hotel.

In the evening we popped out to Whole Foods Market and raided their salad bar again (^^)v  I picked up a jar of tomato sauce and we threw together some home-made pizza toast in the evening – it was surprisingly quite nice!!