RTW 2009 Trip Schedule

The Big Trip September 24th 2009 to December 24th 2009

New York – Sept 24th to Sept 28th

Boston – Sept 28th to Oct 2nd

Montreal – Oct 2nd to Oct 5th

Toronto – Oct 5th to Oct 8th

Detroit – Oct 8th to Oct 10th

New Orleans – Oct 10th to Oct 12th

Las Vegas – Oct 12th to Oct 16th

San Fransicso – Oct 16th to Oct 20th

Los Angeles – Oct 20th to Oct 22nd and Oct 24th to Oct 25th

San Diego – Oct 22nd to Oct 24th

Vancouver – Oct 25th to Oct 30th

Seattle – Oct 30th to Nov 3rd

Honolulu – Nov 3rd to Nov 8th

…Cross international date line…

New Zealand (All over!) – Nov 9th to Nov 25th

Australia ( Cairns & Palm Cove) – Nov 25th to Dec 2nd

Singapore – Dec 2nd to Dec 5th

Hong Kong – Dec 5th to Dec 8th

Fukuoka (Home!) – Dec 8th to Dec 21st

Tokyo – Dec 21st to Dec 24th

London – back in time for Xmas Dinner!!

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