Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Departure day – We were all up at 4am to get to the airport in plenty of time. It was everyone’s first time to go through Heathrow Terminal 5, but it was very easy to get to. The terminal itself looks more like something you might find in London’s Financial District – clean lines, shiny floors and lots of glass!


Anyway, check-in was smooth and trouble-free. Time seemed to go really quick and before we knew it we were being called to board. This was it – we were off on our 3 month journey.


The flight itself went surprisingly fast – I think it must have been because we are so used to the 12.5 hour flight to Osaka. This seven hour flight was just right – enough time to sit  back, relax, take in a couple of movies and have a bite to eat. I had a veggie meal and Seio had a regular one – but both were really tasty. The on-board video systems are much better these days as well – you can play, pause, rewind and start your film anytime you personally want with out having to stick to one general schedule .

A little while into the flight, the attendants came round with little green and white forms. Even though we had already arranged the now compulsory ESTA travel authorisations, we still had to fill out an immigration card and customs declaration form….seems a bit redundant, but they must have their reasons I suppose. By the time we had finished filling all of those out, it was nearly time to land…


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